Adventures Unlimited will design a custom adventure ropes course to meet your organization’s challenge course program goals and budget. Challenge course programs are extremely versatile and one of the most effective training tools for experiential learning. Ropes courses allow your organization to provide outdoor team building activities that promote human development, corporate team building, problem solving, and leadership skills.

We will work with you to create a challenge course designed to support your business plan by providing design consulting including construction site visits, on-site sketches, on-site meetings, and phone meetings. The Adventures Unlimited team will advise on ropes course structures, attachment points, tree management, and pole placement throughout the construction process. At Adventures Unlimited, safety comes first, so our courses are engineered using only the highest quality ropes course equipment and materials.

  • High Ropes Course Construction

  • Low Ropes Course Construction

  • Climbing Tower Construction

  • Zip Line Construction


According to the inspection standards of the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT), both low and high ropes courses should be inspected on an annual basis by a qualified challenge course professional. The Adventures Unlimited inspection team is committed to quality and customer care. Each element must be inspected and  awarded a score of pass, pass with recommendations, or fail. We first look to determine whether or not the ropes course element meets current standards.  We then attempt to determine if it is in overall sound condition so that it provides no extra risk to participants. If the element fails, it should be removed from service until repairs or corrections are made. If the element passes, it meets current standards and is in sound condition at the time of the inspection. Our ropes course inspections are limited to the visual inspection of the physical initiatives. We make no judgment about the quality of the programming or the skill level of the program’s facilitators.

If the challenge course is to remain in compliance with ACCT standards, you must maintain a written report of the course inspection within your files. In addition to an annual professional ropes course inspection, the challenge course supervisor should perform periodic reviews of its policies, accidents, reports, equipment logs, and program standards. Since most challenge course elements are exposed to the potential of severe weather, misuse, and vandalism, an additional inspection must be performed on each element prior to its use by a trained facilitator who will be responsible for determining whether or not the element remains in sound condition. All ropes course equipment and permanent course structures should be inspected on a regular basis and any potential problems should be noted and reported.

Adventures Unlimited provides both a visual and “hands on” physical inspection of challenge course equipment during your annual safety inspection. Recommendations are based primarily upon the actual physical condition of the equipment inspected. However, there are basic guidelines provided to the consumer by the manufacturer that you should be aware of. You will receive further information on these guidelines in your annual ropes course inspection report.


Challenge course programs are evaluated based on the effectiveness of their facilitators so it is important that they master a wide range of training and instructional skills. Challenge course staff training is provided for all ropes courses built by Adventures Unlimited. Site specific training is uniquely customized to meet the needs of your experiential education program. Our training staff will work closely with you and your staff to help you master the skills and knowledge required to maximize your program’s success while minimizing potential risk. Your ropes course staff will learn proper safety procedures, ropes course equipment inspection guidelines, low ropes course team building exercises, high ropes course belay commands and proper technique, knot typing and commands, course navigation, rescue procedures, and required paperwork.

We encourage ropes course facilitators and supervisors to attend review training at least once per year and stay up to date in their knowledge of challenge course industry standards. Recruiting, screening, hiring, and training of staff is crucial in the safety network of your ropes course program. Conscientious, well-trained and able staff are the critical link to a safe program. Adventures Unlimited offers various training courses throughout the year, so please look for upcoming workshops on our events calendar.